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MSE manufactures OEM mechanical components, writes custom software in LabVIEW and is able to supply components in small to large quantities. We work with  mechanical, electronic, and optical communication manufacturers. We are interested in hearing about your product requirements. In many cases MSE can engineer your product, set up suppliers, and become the supplier of the final assembly. Some examples are:

  • Custom lens systems in a configurations used in high volume manufacturing and scientific data analysis.
  • Design of a complete video microscope product line
  • Design of vertical illumination systems.

  • Custom machine vision applications including lighting and material handling.    Some examples are:

  1.  Semiconductor process verification and defect counting and statistical reporting.

  2.  Biological cell counting.

  3.  LED signage quality testing.

  4.  LED quality testing.

  • Microscope motor drive systems for hands off (and long distance) control of zoom and focus controls of telescope and microscope instruments. The components include an attractive control panel, cabling, and motors on black anodized motor mounts.
  • A 2D IR Camera made from a 1D Linear array IR Sensor, a servo motor driven scanning mirror, and a lens
  1. Single PCI- DAQ card to control the servo motor and acquire camera data..

  2. Real-time image plot and image export to common image formats.

  • Hemispherical X-RAY source leakage tester featuring:

  1. Single PCI- DAQ card to control stepping motors and acquire x-ray sensor data.

  2. Real-time data plot and data export to spreadsheet (MS Excel) format.

  • A LabVIEW program to perform pulsed analysis of laser diodes using a pulsed current source, detector, and a digital oscilloscope.  Low power and high current systems are available. See the Attached PDF for more info:  

Laser Diode CW Pulse PDF File Download

  • Complete optical and  mechanical design of a  field spectroscopic analysis system considered highest resolution portable instrument available.


  • Clean room production stands and covers for test equipment.
  • Magnetic ball blood mixer product, prototype thru production
  • Lens cell and opto mechanical design for many custom OEM products.
  • Laser diode TEC cooling mounting
  • Laser diode mounting for fiber alignment.


  • Prototype and pre-production blood sample mixer for lab testing.
  • LED device testing audit.
  • IR blood imaging.


  • Analog and Digital Optical Isolation products for industrial applications

Process Control:

  • Low Vacuum Process Plasma monitoring and control of  materials production system.
  • Data logging, analysis, and sampling of Dissolved Ammonia sampling system or OEM

These are a few projects and products.
MSE supplies ongoing support of past projects and sustaining engineering to all customers.