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Business Description:

MSE specializes in systems integration of laser diode, electro-optic, and instrumentation system design. We consult and manufacture in these markets. We use LabVIEW, Visual Basic, AutoCAD, and other computer tools for the design process.


Systems Integration of Test Systems

MSE's business consist of systems integration of optics, data acquisition, mechanics, electronics, with computer control. Much of MSE's recent work involves system integration of motion control, sensors, test equipment and software development. 

Many times I utilize my mechanical engineering skills to add design not possible with off the shelf components and software. Standard electronic engineering practices are applied to minimize noise and maximize signal integrity.

MSE is specializing in Electro-optic Device Test Systems Integration and Data Acquisition Systems. 

Most laser systems include parametric testing, farfield beam measurements, and optical spectral analysis. 

Data Acquisition Systems include signal conditioning, a computer, and software

We believe  that LabVIEW from National Instruments provides an excellent platform for software control of these systems. MSE will help you design and plan the system and select the best equipment.